The mission of The National Cancer Coalition (NCC) is to meet the unfilled needs of patients and their families impacted by cancer and disease, thereby reducing suffering the areas of relief, research and education.  

Through a network of strategic alliances and partnerships, NCC's programs improve the quality of life of patients with cancer and other serious diseases around the world - physically, emotionally and financially. NCC also works to reduce the incidence of cancer by distributing cancer education and prevention information, thereby empowering individuals to make better choices regarding health and wellness.

Through its programs, NCC seeks to improve conditions for those suffering from cancer and serious diseases throughout the world. Learn more about these programs below:


NCC Cares


NCC Cares provides medical assistance to the needy of the developing world. This program has provided medical relief and assistance to domestic and overseas under-served patients. NCC Cares supplies hospitals and clinics in the world's impoverished areas with the tools and resources needed to support medical professionals and facilities in the treatment and prevention of cancer and other serious diseases.

Women's Cancer Initiative


The Women’s Cancer Initiative (WCI) is NCC’s program that has developing long-term capabilities and self-sustainable programs related to breast and cervical cancer - early detection, prevention, education and treatment.

Education & Prevention


The National Cancer Coalition develops and distributes educational materials, resources, televised public service announcements, and conducts national mail, telephone and volunteer campaigns. It also participates in various national and global organizations and conferences with the goal of educating the public about the proliferation of cancer and chronic disease throughout the world.