Regardless of lack of insurance coverage or inadequate coverage, all women in America should have access to mammograms and when necessary financial assistance with costs of receiving breast cancer treatment, especially when it is only available away from home.

The Breast Cancer Relief Foundation (TBCRF) is a project of the National Cancer Coalition focused on fight breast cancer and reducing its effects on women and their families.

  • The Mammogram Access Program is committed to helping American women of all ages, who do not have medical insurance or are underinsured, obtain their required mammograms.  This program provides funds to hospitals and mobile mammography vans to underwrite costs. We feel that every at-risk woman, regardless of age, should have this diagnostic procedure when recommended to detect breast cancer at its earliest stage. Through the Mammogram Access Program we are assisting women to obtain mammograms and other diagnostic procedures to ensure early detection of breast cancer. In addition, this program also funds projects dedicated to educating women on breast cancer and its early detection through self exams and early warning signs. Our goal is to provide funds to appropriate institutions in each state and increase the number of sites in the current funded states.
  • The Patient Relief Program provides financial assistance to underserved breast cancer patients across the nation. These funds are granted to cancer treatment institutions hospitals that treat breast cancer patients. This program is administered by the institution’s social services to assist patients with costs associated with treatment while away from home. Examples of assistance include the cost of transportation to treatment centers, lodging assistance, nutritional supplements/meals, prescriptions, and copayments for prescriptions. This program was implemented during fall 2009. We found an overwhelming need for this type of financial assistance and our goal is to expand the program to alleviate financial factors which hinder the patient’s ability to receive treatment away from home. Please support this project so that women will have supplemental financial support to receive the treatment they so desperately need.